• Have more fun rowing on the erg
  • Get more feedback
  • Energize your indoor rowing with music

ErgMate is temporarily unavailable while we work out some issues with Windows 7. We'll update the site and announce on the mailing list when it is available again.

ErgMate enhances your indoor rowing by providing encouragement and instructions just like a real coxswain. It adds new feedback - just like having a coach right there with you.

It helps you meet your goals by calling out information about the row - such as distance remaining or time to go, just like a real coxswain. It can sequence music for you throughout the piece - start out with a list of songs that are steady and driving, then switch over to something fast for the final 250 meter sprint as your ErgMate calls a final power 20. You are in control. It is just the thing for those upcoming 2K erg tests.

ErgMate screen shot

Click on the image above for a closer view.

Tells you things the Performance Monitor does not

  • split required to meet time or distance goal
  • % of max heart rate
  • slide ratio
  • % into the piece

Recreates the feel of a race

  • calls power 10s/20s (or sprint for 20 at the end of a piece)
  • air horn at end of row
  • verbalizes feedback - no need to read a screen

Easy to use

  • create your race plan by answering a few questions using the wizard
  • save/load/edit race plans
  • edit race plans by drag-n-drop

Listen to your music collection while you row

  • row to your MP3, Ogg, and wav files
  • row to selections from your iTunes library
  • change songs based on time or distance
  • skip long song introductions or endings
ErgMate has been temporarily put on hold. Please check back again or sign-up for the mailing list if you are interested in ErgMate.

Video of an ErgMate row

See the full list of features or video of a row with ErgMate.


  • Concept 2 Indoor Rower with PM3 or PM4 performance monitor
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or 3
  • Note: ErgMate supports fixed distance and time pieces.  Support for intervals is coming soon.

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