• Easy to use Wizard allows you to create your race plan by simply answering a few questions
  • Edit race plans by drag-and-drop and clicking
  • Preview any sound by double-clicking
  • Comes with a high-quality computer voice from Cepstral LLC
  • Save and load race plans to disk
  • Simulated erg gives a feel for how the race plan will sound
  • Fixed distance, fixed time, and just-row workouts are supported. Support for intervals is coming soon.

Coxswain Commands

ErgMate can call the following coxswain commands:
  • Power 10 - counting up
  • Power 10 - counting down
  • Power 20 - counting up
  • Power 20 - counting down
  • racing start
  • 'Coming into the last 250 meters. Sit up and breathe'
Easily play recordings of your own coxswain calls.

Information About the Row

ErgMate can speak the following items about your row:
  • Slide ratio
  • Meters traveled per stroke
  • Meters into the piece
  • Meters to go (estimated for fixed-time pieces based on split and time remaining)
  • Projected meters at finish
  • Percent into the piece
  • Heart rate (requires Heart Rate Monitor interface from Concept 2)
  • Percent of maximum heart rate (requires Heart Rate Monitor interface from Concept 2)
  • Average heart rate for the entire row
  • Average heart rate percent of maximum for the entire row
  • Stroke rate
  • Current split
  • Required split to reach your goal from any point in the piece (based on goal and time/distance remaining)
  • Time in
  • Time to go (estimated for fixed-distance pieces based on split and distance remaining)
  • Projected time at finish
  • Watts
  • Average Watts
  • Drag factor
  • Calories per hour
  • Calories burned so far


ErgMate plays the following music formats:
  • MP3 files
  • Ogg Vorbis files
  • Microsoft WAV files


ErgMate can cause a song to play, call a power-ten, or read an item about the row based on the following conditions (called triggers):
  • Meters into the piece
  • Meters to go in the piece
  • Repeat every number of meters
  • Time into the piece
  • Time to go in the piece
  • Repeat every number of minutes/seconds
  • Play immediately after the previous sound ends

Video of an ErgMate row

Feature Requests

Feel free to submit or vote on requests for new features.


  • Concept 2 Indoor Rower with PM3, PM4, or PM5 performance monitor and USB cable
  • Microsoft Windows

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