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Current-Season Workout - Get One

returns a Current-Season Workout. This information is here for compleness, it is preferable to use the link relation 'self' contained in the workout object returned by Current-Season Workouts - get all workouts.





status codes:

200: ok
401: invalid Concept 2 Online logbook user name or password
403: invalid or missing C2 Logbook REST API key
503: throttled


sample contents of the response body to a successful request as JSON data

    "distance": 2000,
    "seconds": 5,
    "age": 41,
    "day": 25,
    "comments": "",
    "month": 10,
    "hours": 0,
    "weightClass": "H",
    "link": {"href": "http://powertwenty.com/c2logapi/1/currentseason/workout/1087", "rel": "self"},
    "typeOfWorkout": "standard",
    "year": 2009,
    "minutes": 8,
    "id": 1087,
    "tenths": 4

Python using httplib2

import httplib2   
import simplejson
import base64 

url = "http://powertwenty.com/c2logapi/1/currentseason/workout/10873395"
h = httplib2.Http()
authorizationHeader = "Basic %s"%base64.b64encode("%s:%s"%("user", "password"))
resp, content = h.request( url, "GET", headers={"Authorization":authorizationHeader, "X-API-KEY":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" } )
assert resp["status"]=="200", "status:%s != 200"%resp["status"]
workout = simplejson.loads(content) 
print workout["distance"] 

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