Review of Ergometer Testing for Rowers

This is a review of a new ebook I purchased from Row Perfect called Ergometer Testing for Rowers by Walter Martindale.

The ebook is 10 pages of content plus a font and back sheet.

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Physiology for Coaches and Athletes
  3. Warming Up
  4. Plan of Attack
  5. Develop a Race Plan
  6. What’s Your Goal
  7. Doing the Test
  8. After the Test
  9. Technique During an Ergometer Test
  10. About the Author
  11. Ergometer Split Chart

Mr. Martindale explains the importance of and reasons for an erg test in the Introduction. The Basic Physiology for Coaches and Athletes section does a nice job of outlining the energy systems in the context of a 2K erg piece. He shines in the Warming Up section by providing the what is probably the best description of what happens when you warm up, and why it is imperative to do so, that I have seen to date. I feel I received my money’s worth for purchase price with this section. The final part of Warming Up outlines a detailed pre-race warm-up plan. The next three sections cover preparing your strategy. They are a bit light. Doing the Test provides coaching on execution of your race plan and practical tips. This contains the most amusing line in the book, regarding people falling to the floor and writhing in pain after a 2K:

    -sure they’re tired and everything hurts, but a lot more people fall of the ergometers than fall out of boats at the end of a really hard 2000m race.

After the Test covers what to do to recover from the piece. Technique During and Ergometer Test talks about people modifying their technique off the water vs. on the water. It also includes a very interesting chart of ergometer test profiles from some univesirty testing in New Zealand. The book then concludes with a short biography of the author and an ergometer split chart. The latter was not as useful, as I prefer the Power Twenty Online Calculator myself(!)

This is a short ebook that shines in its explanation of the physiological aspects of preparing, rowing, and recovering from a 2K ergometer test. I found it a good value for the £5.00 (~$8.00 USD) price and would recommend it for anyone, regardless of experience, that is serious about their body and performance on the 2K.

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  1. Thanks very much for this review – I commissioned the book from Walter Martindale and am the owner of the site selling it.

    Would you mind if we reproduced your text on our news page – with a link back here?

    Rebecca Caroe
    Rowpefect UK

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