First ErgMate Row!

Well today I did my second 2K of the season. I knocked 9 seconds off the season’s baseline, but the really cool thing is that it was the first full row I’ve done with ErgMate enabled. The rows have all been simulated until now.

Ergmate played a sequence I call ‘Old School’ as it replicates the old erg tape I used for 2.5K’s back in college.

The music channel was configured to play 3 songs in order ( Welcome to the Jungle, Push It, and Cult of Personality)
and cross-fade to the guitar solo portion of a Metallica song at 210 meters to go. Yes, definitely some old-school music.

The coxswain and coaching channels relayed information throughout the piece. I tend to need a bit of inspiration around 1100 meters remaining, so ErgMate played a clip of a real coxswain saying “Long and Strong.” 750 meters to go is the wall in a 2K erg test, so the coxswain called a power 10 at that point. It also called a power 20 for the final sprint starting at 230 meters to go.

Every 100 meters the coxswain called the split, and the coach announced the estimated finish time every 60 seconds. It called meters at 1000, and 500 to go to note milestones in the piece.

This test revealed a couple of needed tweaks to the program, but all-in-all it worked pretty well.

The final application icons are not in place, but the program configured with this sequence looks something like this (click for full-size):

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2 Responses to First ErgMate Row!

  1. Xeno says:

    I am going to check into this ergmate thing.
    All the best,

  2. Jason says:

    Kevin, very cool! Do you need beta testers?

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