ErgMate Update 1/31/08

It’s coming! Beta testing revealed that new users can use a hand getting started. There’s going to be a wizard to help new users create sequences.

I was going to post a screen shot of the flow, but that’ not very exciting, so instead here’s a screenshot of the latest version. The icons to the left of each clip indicate the type of trigger that causes that particular clip to play. Rulers represent distance, while the clocks represent time. For example, the first power 10 is triggered based on some time from the end of the row. The chain indicates a simple trigger that plays the clip immediately after the clip before it finishes.

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  1. David Clayworth says:

    I noticed that you had a blog regarding Software and Rowing, which isn’t a regular combination. I used to row, far more years ago than I want to talk about. I thought I’d ask a couple of questions about what’s available for both now.

    Long ago I was helping my rowing club organise its annual regatta. It took the committee pretty much an entire night to collate by hand the entries and schedule the races, most if which was juggling races around to make sure competitors didn’t get races too close. I wrote some software to semi-automate the process, which cut it down to a few hours (though we then had to wait another couple of hours while the results for each entrant printed – this was before email was widely available).

    Anyway, my question is: what software are clubs using now to organize their regattas? Is there something commerical, or a widely accepted piece of free software? Or is everyone rolling their own? Just for interest you understand – I don’t think I want to get back into that business.

  2. kpd says:

    Once rowing gets in your blood, it stays there. Have a look at It’s a website used to manage regattas. I used to row with Steve, the founder, back in college. He’s done it right – slow, incremental improvements over time.

  3. It’s good to hear clever brains combining what they do with the sport they love(ed). I do marketing and rowing… and I started off tryign to combine the two in one blog and it really didn’t work. Too much of the Rowing stuff was gossip, in-jokes and plain dull to the non-combatants.

    And so I split them into two… and then fell out of love with Typepad. And I migrated the work blog to a WP domain that i own and can do cool stuff with… and am stuck paying Typepad for the rowing site….

    Know anyone who can help me migrate it? I bought a great URL…

    Rebecca Caroe

  4. kpd says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Good to hear from you. I’m having a similar problem here – I’m pretty sure the market for rowers that care about my programming posts isn’t all that large.

    I’ve not used Typepad, but it appears one can migrate posts from it to WP without too much heartache. The article at looked to be about the best.


  5. Glen says:

    Can’t wait to try this out! I was just thinking last week that there ought to be some kind of Nike + iPod app for the erg. From the looks of it, this is that and more. I’d be happy to betatest: I have a PM3 on a model D and several flavors of Windows PCs.

  6. kpd says:


    Great! I will include you in the beta test. A version will be available in about 2 weeks. New baby->delayed release.


  7. Glen says:

    Congrats! Tip: babies love rowing machines – rocking chair and white noise generator all in one. My 3 month old has been lulled to sleep many times by “Daddy’s toy” (what my 2 1/2 year old calls the erg).

  8. Mark says:

    Can I give it a test drive? Feel free to comment back here or e-mail me, I’ll watch both for the next few days!

  9. kpd says:

    Sure thing. I haven’t touched it since the baby, but I’m ready to complete development. I branched the code to experiment with adding an ‘Undo’ feature. Stay tuned – maybe about a week or so.


    Mark, You have email with information on the beta.

  10. Glen says:

    Glad to see you still have plans for this promising app. Hope to see further announcements/release this season.

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