ErgMate Update 1/31/07

The Beta release is so close I can taste it. My goal is to get the first release to those of you in the Beta program sometime this week. I’ve entered feature-freeze for the first release, which means from this point forward I am just testing and refining ErgMate instead of adding new functionality.

Although intervals are not yet directly supported, you can calculate the start and stop times by hand and configure ErgMate to work based on those times. I did a series of 1 min on / 20 seconds off and then 40 seconds on / 20 seconds off intervals last week. The music would switch from a fast-paced driving tempo to 20 seconds of relaxing ( Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb – appropriate isn’t it? ) during the rest period.

One change in the way clips are played is that if you schedule two clips to play at the same time on the same channel, the 2nd clip will wait and play immediately after the first. Previously the 2nd clip would be skipped if another clip was playing when it was triggered. That worked well for clips scheduled to play every so many meters or seconds, but one-shot events could sometimes be missed. Let me know if you have any opinions on this.

o added preliminary support for PM4s
o fixed bug in real erg slide ratio calc
o tweaked power 10
o added final ergmate icon in different sizes
o created the setup program
o clips now queue up so that if it is time for a clip to play, but one is already playing on the channel, it will wait and play when the first clip is finished
o sample power 10/20s can now be listened to from the edit dialog
o integrated main menu cut/paste/copy
o started work on the screen cast
o added warning dialog when corrupt sound files are selected
o added firmware version checking

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