Graphing a 2K Erg Piece

This is a graph of last night’s baseline 2000 meter erg piece on the Concept 2 ergometer. Meters are along the X axis and the units of the Y axis depend on the data series. It just took a quick change to a new erg program I’m working that wrote information out to a comma-delimited file every second.
Open Office’s spreadsheet did the rest.

The race plan was to do even splits and sprint at the end. Splits are represented by the red line (seconds/500 meters) look fine at the overall scale, but the watts line jumping so much means there’s room to make a more even power application throughout the row.

I was hoping to see more information about the relationship between cadence, slide ratio, and meters-per-stroke, but the numbers were rounded for the latter two instead of showing 1 or 2 decimal places as needed. That’ll be fixed up for next time.

Graph of baseline 2K erg test 1/4/2010

Graph of baseline 2K erg test 1/4/2010

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  1. Jeff Wagner says:

    Very cool. Looks like you are doing some cool things on your twitter page too….

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