Easy Erg – C++ Library for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine Released

I recently open-sourced some of my code. It’s a C++ library that wraps the API and provides an ‘Erg’ class.

It currently it builds against an older version of the SDK – version 1.24 – and the current build system requires cygwin.
(There’s nothing in the wrapper code itself that requires g++, I just don’t have Visual C++ installed to create a build script or project.)
On my list is updating it to the most recent SDK.

Source is available from GitHub at:

Usage is something like this:

 ErgNet *net = ErgNet::getInstance();
        cout << "net.discoverErgs() = " << net->discoverErgs() << "\n";

        Pm3Erg erg = Pm3Erg(0);


        while (1)
            cout << erg.hasStartedRowing() << "  " << erg.getPaceInSecondsPer500() << " " << erg.getStrokeStateText() <<  "\n";

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