Py2Exe Changing wxPython Look and Feel

I just noticed that my wxPython application looks different after creation of an exe with Py2Exe. The image on the left is the application running under the normal python interpreter. The one on the right is the same application after creation of an exe with Py2exe.

1. The dark gray below the Music label instead of white.
2. The area around Music is inset in the exe version.
3. The splash handle separator is different, it looks more 3D in the Py2EXE version.

This is with wxPython

I’d guess there is a simple solution, but I’m not finding it. Any ideas?

Solution is at:

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3 Responses to Py2Exe Changing wxPython Look and Feel

  1. dindra says:

    on win XP, seems like no manifest defined (?)

  2. Martin says:

    Have you tried to copy the pythonw.exe.manifest file from the Python directory to your application directory and rename it to YourApplication.exe.manifest?

  3. kpd says:

    That was it. Thanks for your help. Specific instructions to solve the problem are on the wxPython wiki page above.

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