Update to TimeCtrl/TimeSpin wxGlade extension

I added a workaround for a problem with timectrl.

You’ll want to upgrade to the 1.4 version of the time_spin_and_control distribution if you use limited, min, max, or value parameters in Glade when specifying the control.

Edit – 3/8 – updated to version 1.4

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2 Responses to Update to TimeCtrl/TimeSpin wxGlade extension

  1. Sumbit Connmet says:

    Would you care to write a tutorial on this? What documentation do you refer to while creating these?

  2. kpd says:

    We just had a baby, so my time is pretty limited and I’m not able to do a tutorial at this time. I based my extensions on code from Alberto Griggio, changing things as needed. If you have a specific widget in mind, your best bet is to copy one of the existing cusom widget extensions and modify it to fit. It’s been a lot of trial-and error.

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