Thoughts on CodeMash 2007

Wow, CodeMash turned out to be a fabulous conference. The atmosphere was one of learning from others in a friendly way – people checked their religious wars at the door. It was a fun conference. Feeling a little under the weather, I didn’t have a chance to check out the water slide park, but the movie shown at the closing ‘can geeks surf in Ohio?’ leads me to believe that might not be a bad thing.

I enjoyed the Neal Ford and Bruce Eckel’s keynotes the best. Neal spoke of mini-domain languages. Bruce tied in some great shots of Burning Man with a thought-provoking talk on using your imagination and thinking outside normal limits.

Between Kevin Dangoor’s talk on TurboGears, David Stanek’s talks on Enterprise Python Architecture and Web Services in Python, Mark Ramm’s talk on SQLAlchemy ( which made me vow to look into this library), and my talk on TDD Python, the language was well represented.

I am happy with how my talk on Test-Driven Python went. I hope to post the slides some time soon. Running through the presentation at this month’s Cleveland Python Users’ Group pointed out some areas that need refining, especially around the live demos. Fortunately I had the time to make the changes before Code Mash.

Oh, and the winning program in the coding contest was by Matt from CLEPY and coded in Python. There was some debate about the grand prize in the contest because the winner did not code the solution but instead solved it manually due to a loophole in the requirements.

The conference organizers did a fabulous job pulling things together. As an attendee and speaker there were no hitches, and in fact they even had a speaker’s room and gift bags for each speaker. That was a nice consideration. The only hitch in the conference overall that I am aware of was some issues with audio recording of the earlier sessions, and that was really the fault of the resort and its confusion between male and female audio jacks.

In the end, there is nothing I’d have changed for this conference, other than hitting the water park next time and perhaps fairing a little better in the XBox 360 and WII drawings.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on CodeMash 2007

  1. Rick says:

    Just wanted to say I appreciated the talk and can’t wait for the slides. As someone still new to Python I’ve been bad about not getting testing going yet, but it’s time to start and your talk helped me out a ton.

  2. kpd says:

    Thanks, I’m really glad to hear that. The slides will be posted soon.

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