Test Driven Development in Python

The slides from my Code Mash presentation on Test Driven Development in Python are now online at: http://powertwenty.com/kpd/downloads/TestDrivenDevelopmentInPython.pdf

It is an introduction to TDD, some tools that work well when doing TDD in python, and the results of a case study in TDD game development using pygame.

PyGame version of Tank using strict test-driven development.

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5 Responses to Test Driven Development in Python

  1. Very nice presentation! And I’m not just saying that because you mentioned my little test runner a lot. 🙂

    One minor correction, in case you give it again or have a chance to update the pdf: I’ve moved nose to Google code, so the project home is now: http://code.google.com/p/python-nose/.

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  3. kpd says:

    Thanks Jason, the URL for Nose is updated.

  4. Matt Wilson says:

    I agree with Bruce Eckel’s comment at the presentation that this would make a good book.

    Am starting to use nosests on my next project. As a side effect, TDD seems to force me think through my design ahead of time.

    I used to start a project by opening vim and writing code.

    Now, I find that I am writing out pseduocode on paper, then writing tests, then writing out code

  5. kpd says:

    Having a rough idea of where things are heading helps a lot.

    TDD seems to evolve the design – if one were to issue credits for the design in the About box they would go to the unit tests instead of programmer!

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s something going to look into later this year.

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