Custom Tag to Render Avatar in Django Userena

Here is a simple custom tag to render a users avatar (‘mugshot’) when using Django Userena. It optionally takes width and or height in pixels.

Place the following code in /templatetags/


from django import template
register = template.Library()

from django import template
register = template.Library()

def avatar(context, height=None, width=None):
    """ returns html for avatar, optional height/width supplied """
    user = context['user']
    widthAttr = 'width="%s"'%width if width is not None else ""
    heightAttr = 'height="%s"'%height if height is not None else ""
    return """<img %s %s class="avatar" src="%s"" alt="avatar image"  />"""%(heightAttr, widthAttr, user.get_profile().get_mugshot_url())

The following template shows how this could be used

{% load myapp_tags %}

{% avatar %}
{% avatar height=5 %}
{% avatar width=150 %}
{% avatar width=100 height=100 %} 

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