VI Joke

I have no idea where I found this. People don’t argue about editors as much as they used to. This joke was more relevant then.

Two guys are sitting in a bar, and get talking.
"What's you IQ?" one asks.
"169" is the reply.
"Wow, amazing --- my IQ's 172. What're your ideas on Hawkings latest work on
superstring theory?"
And the two get chatting and become lifelong friends.

Further down the bar, two other guys are comparing IQs.
"Mine's 104"
"Gosh, mine's 102. What do you think about the latest Cub's game?"
And the two become lifelong friends.

Even further down the bar, two other guys are also comparing IQs.
"Mine's 53."
"Wow! Mine's 54. Do you use emacs or vi?" 

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