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(Unofficial) Concept 2 Online Logbook REST API

My unofficial interface to the Concept 2 Online Logbook is ready. This allows one to programmatically get information from the logbook (such as your total meters rowed to date) or to add workouts to the logbook from another program. For … Continue reading

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Test Driven Development in Python

The slides from my Code Mash presentation on Test Driven Development in Python are now online at: It is an introduction to TDD, some tools that work well when doing TDD in python, and the results of a case … Continue reading

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Thoughts on CodeMash 2007

Wow, CodeMash turned out to be a fabulous conference. The atmosphere was one of learning from others in a friendly way – people checked their religious wars at the door. It was a fun conference. Feeling a little under the … Continue reading

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Code Mash – TurboGears

Just finished listening to Kevin Dangoor’s talk on TurboGears at Code Mash. His talk was a general overview of TurboGears features. While I’m in the middle of prototyping a TG application, there were a few things I wasn’t aware of: … Continue reading

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Super Tank Lives!

As a kid, my older brother and I would head up to the local arcade and play Atari’s primitive tank combat game. This was a long time before Doom, a time when simple gray-scaled graphics sufficed. I spent a long … Continue reading

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